July 14, 2024

EveryHost Marketing & SEO Team Partners with Carreg.co.uk to Achieve Premier Google Rankings


EveryHost, renowned for its pioneering strategies in digital marketing and SEO, is excited to announce its collaboration with Carreg.co.uk, the UK’s leading provider of personal car registrations. This partnership, which kicked off in February 2024, is underpinned by an ambitious 18-month roadmap aimed at securing a top position on Google’s first page for the competitive keyword “personal registration.”

Facing stiff competition from high-profile entities such as the DVLA, EveryHost’s marketing and SEO team is ready to employ a comprehensive action plan centered around strategic high Domain Rating (DR) link building and innovative SEO tactics. The goal is clear: to not only compete with but surpass the visibility of established competitors in the personal registrations space.

Paul, from EveryHost, expressed confidence in the venture, saying, “Our partnership with Carreg.co.uk represents a significant challenge, but with our expertise and a detailed action plan, we’re ready to take on this challenge head-on. We believe that our efforts will not only achieve our goal but also set new benchmarks in SEO effectiveness and efficiency.”

Adding to the sentiment, Jason from Carreg.co.uk commented, “Collaborating with EveryHost marks a pivotal step in our strategy to dominate the online space for personal registrations. Their proven track record and innovative approach to SEO make them the perfect partner to help us achieve our ambitious goals.”

The strategic alliance between EveryHost and Carreg.co.uk is a testament to both companies’ commitment to excellence and innovation in the digital realm. With the project underway, both teams are fully dedicated to realising the vision of making Carreg.co.uk the undisputed leader in online personal car registrations through enhanced search engine visibility and customer reach.

As the project progresses, updates and milestones will be shared, showcasing the impact of this collaboration on Carreg.co.uk’s online presence and the broader digital marketing landscape.

About EveryHost

EveryHost is at the forefront of digital marketing and SEO services, offering innovative solutions that drive success. Specialising in overcoming the challenges of highly competitive digital markets, EveryHost is dedicated to achieving excellence and setting new standards in the SEO domain.

About Carreg.co.uk

Carreg.co.uk is the UK’s premier service for personal car registrations, offering a vast selection of personalised registration options to vehicle owners. Committed to customer satisfaction and a seamless service experience, Carreg.co.uk strives to be the go-to destination for personalised car registration needs.

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