July 14, 2024

New data reveals Estate Agents Missing out on Facebook Leads


New research reveals that 1 in 5 Facebook leads for estate agents result in an instruction – and most agents are missing out on new opportunities.

New data gathered by Twenty CI and released by The ValPal Network (TVPN) shows that roughly 1 in 5 ValPal leads generated via Facebook go on to instruct an agent.

However, the stats tell the real story – most agents are converting only 5% of their own Facebook leads while the rest are instructing competitors, highlighting the need to nurture social media leads.

TVPN’s Director, Craig Vile, said: “The number of leads generated is much higher than even we had anticipated.

“We all know that Facebook leads should generally be considered ‘top of funnel.’ But this just goes to show how important it is to value every opportunity, regardless of where it has come from.”

TVPN looked at all ValPal pages specifically created for Facebook lead generation only.

The results showed:

November (last 18 months):

17.31% of Facebook leads instructed

4.16% listed with the agent that generated the lead

95.84% listed with another agent

December (last 18 months):

18.87% of Facebook leads instructed

5.51% listed with the agent that generated the lead

94.49% listed with another agent

January (last 18 months):

19.24% of Facebook leads instructed

5.13% listed with the agent that generated the lead

94.87% listed with another agent


“This data is incredibly valuable because it highlights how important it is to nurture your leads,” said Vile.

“Salespeople are often drawn to the low-hanging fruit by nature, but there are rewards for those who choose to play the long game.

“Many agents are missing out on a lot of business – which demonstrates the need for lead-nurturing tools, like MovePal, which keep agents front of mind when the property owner decides the time is right to sell.”

About The ValPal Network

The ValPal Network provides instant online valuation services and a range of additional products to over 800 estate and letting agency brands with more than 4,000 offices across the UK.

The ValPal Network was winner of the Best in Sector Supplier of the Year Award for valuation tool at The ESTAS for five consecutive years.

It is owned by Angels Media, also known for publishing online industry trade news websites Estate Agent Today and Letting Agent Today.

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