May 25, 2024

Creative marketing agency launches innovative gamification tournament offering £10,000 project win to brands

With the evolution of consumer habits comes the need for innovation in marketing strategies. Research has found over 80% of marketers believe that creative effectiveness is one of the most influential factors in the overall success of a campaign [1].

Creative marketing tools such as gamification are becoming increasingly popular for brands as ways to improve customer engagement, increase brand loyalty and for customer acquisition. Gamification is the application of typical elements of gameplay to encourage engagement with a brand, product, or service. It can come in many forms including quizzes, filters, polls, instant wins, and even multi-level games.

Award winning creative and performance agency, TrunkBBI, are offering drinks and hospitality brands from across the globe a chance to win a £10,000 budget toward a gamification project of their own in 2024.

The agency recently landed the 2024 European Content Awards for FMCG campaign of the year as well as Mobile campaign of the year, for their work with Greene King IPA and Jack Daniel’s, where they utilised creative technologies to leverage consumer engagement and make an impact for the brands.

Launching on Monday 15th April, Disruption Derby is a four-week-long tournament where drinks and hospitality brands can compete with four different games that will be released weekly. Brands will battle to climb to the top of the Disruption Derby leaderboard for the chance to win their own gamification project with the award-winning team at TrunkBBI.

How gamification can benefit your brand

As a marketing tool, gamification has emerged as an innovative approach known to engage current customers to improve product trial and brand loyalty. Not only that, it can also provide an opportunity to strengthen perceptions of your brand and stand out from competitors.

The benefits of gamification to drinks and hospitality brands are extensive. It not only allows brands to create a more engaging and immersive experience for customers, but in turn will increase customer loyalty and drive sales in an industry that can often suffer with marketing saturation.

Gamification has proved to boost customer engagement extensively. A recent YouGov report found that consumers said that they were 56% more likely to click on a gamified ad than a standard ad [2]. Highlighting the positive impact that gamification can have on engaging the evolved consumer for brands, ultimately, driving sales.

Win a gamification project for your brand with Disruption Derby

Disruption Derby is an exciting gamification tournament campaign where brands will compete for the chance to win £10,000 towards a gamification project, starting in the drinks and hospitality sectors. Hosted in the virtual ‘Beta’ building, the competition invites employees from drinks and hospitality brands to compete in four different games.

The campaign will run for four consecutive weeks from the 15th April, with one game being released each week, allowing users to play and gain points to compete to reach the top of the leaderboard.

These games are:

  • Health and Safety nightmare
  • Going Viral
  • Financial Difficulty
  • Executive Decisions

Each game is inspired by addictive fan-favourite gamification mechanics from over the years including infinite runner​, jumper, snake and flick​. These mechanisms are just a flavour of what the winning brand can use as part of their gamification project with TrunkBBI.

In order to win the £10,000 budget, brands will need to enter the Beta building and climb the corporate leaderboard by playing these four fun-filled games. You’ll be battling it out against other brands and their marketing teams, so conquer the competition by totalling up the highest score at the end of the four-week tournament.

As well as the £10k grand prize, there are also opportunities to win spot prizes of smaller budget pots along the way.

For your chance of winning, climb to the top of the leader board here.

Why gamification works

The team at TrunkBBI have launched numerous gamification campaigns that have had significant success for brands. Having recently won the mobile and FMCG content campaign of the year awards at the European Content Awards, TrunkBBI know how to ensure gamification projects deliver on key marketing and business goals for brands within the sector.

TrunkBBI developed Top Tackler for Greene King, garnering over 30,000 players. Players redeemed 180,000 free drinks and other prizes as part of the game, totalling 20,000 game plays.

Additionally, working closely with Slim Chickens and Pepsi Max, TrunkBBI created the Christmas Impossible game. In the first month alone, there were over 4,000 game downloads and more than 8,500 plays. As well as this, 5,000 vouchers were issued to redeem in-store.

Game-changing solutions like this are proven to drive new customer acquisition and improve customer loyalty. Gamification also offers endless opportunities for partnerships with retailers and suppliers.

Hannah Evison-Frost, Managing Director at TrunkBBI commented: 

“The Disruption Derby tournament seeks to demonstrate not just the excitement that gamification can inject into a brand’s identity, but also the tangible benefits it brings in boosting customer loyalty and driving sales.

Through the fun-filled competition, drinks and hospitality brands can have a first-hand experience of how engaging gamification can be and envisage the significant impact that it can have on their own marketing efforts.

We’re really excited to be offering the chance to win a £10,000 equivalent gamification project, and demonstrate why we’re an award-winning team in this space.

Ultimately, it’s about helping brands navigate the changing tides of consumer preferences by equipping them with the tools to stand out and resonate effectively with today’s consumers.”

To play Disruption Derby and be in with a chance of winning £10,000 towards a gamification project, visit here. To enter, head to the Disruption Derby page here. Terms and conditions apply.