June 17, 2024

Expert Shares How to Transform Your Outdoor Space This Summer 

Having a home that feels full of personality and style will only be elevated with the outside space to match.
And now, as we creep into summer, spending more of our time outside becomes a regular occurrence, it’s vital to ensure that our gardens are making the most of the space available.
Explaining the best way to do it, Kate Conrad, senior interior designer at luxury homeware retailer Madison & Mayfair, said: “Right now everyone is aiming to create an outdoor area perfect for entertaining, socialising and relaxing. 
“There are certain ways to add more style to your outdoor space in order to transform the area, all suitable for different sized gardens and budgets.”
Here Kate outlines her five tips to transform your outdoor space.
Outdoor lighting
“Particularly for creating a transformation in the evenings, putting outdoor lighting around your garden can provide an immediate touch of ambience.
You can illuminate steps and pathways, or you could use spotlights to help other features in your garden to stand out, such as statues or trees.
“If you opt for low voltage LED lights, you can ensure that this is an energy-efficient and durable decorative method, too”.
Water features
“If you would like to add a calming feeling to your garden, then a water feature is the perfect option”, Kate adds.
“The sound of the flowing water adds a tranquil feeling to the area, and you can find something minimalist so you don’t risk overwhelming the space.
“However, if you’re working with a larger space, enjoying more of an eye-catching focal point with your water fountain can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your garden.
“Alternatively, why not use excessive space for a pond, a larger water feature which can really add a unique element to your garden”.
Fire pits
“For long evenings spent outside, whether for a relaxing night in or when entertaining guests, sitting around a fire pit is unmatched”, says Kate.
“Not only will it add warm hues to the ambience, but it provides a dramatic visual element to crowd around for a memorable summer’s evening – and of course, some outdoor cooking is always an added bonus”.
Playful seating
“Create an inviting garden with a variety of seating styles”, Kate shares. “Whether you have one area specifically for relaxing, or you have enough space to have different spots for different seating, your garden will feel transformed.
“And, you can be creative with the chairs, from swing seats to hammocks to sofas to benches, and you might opt to locate them in different spots where different areas catch the sun throughout the day.
“You can also accessorise them with bright cushions and throws, adding colour and vibrancy to your outdoor space for a more homely appeal”.
Outdoor kitchens
“To really give your garden a unique style, an outdoor kitchen is a must-have”, adds Kate.
“Not only is this functional, but it means you can enjoy as much time as possible outdoors, preparing food and drinks in the sun.
“The look of an outdoor bar can also break up the space, providing a separate area away from the greenery, and you can decorate it with bright colours, or opt for a sleeker, more contemporary look”.