June 17, 2024

Soreen Launch their Original ‘You’ve got to try me Topped’ Campaign

The UK’s original malt loaf brand, Soreen, are challenging people’s perceptions of their Original Malt Loaf this year with new accompaniments to dazzle the imagination this summer. 

The ‘You’ve got to try me Topped’ campaign, which predominantly targets those aged between 25 and more than the brand’s very own age of 85 years, showcases Soreen Malt Loaf’s long love affair with butter, but also some rather unfamiliar and new combinations to delight consumers.

Liz Jacobs, Marketing Director at Soreen: “This campaign brings consumers a treat with a twist.

“We hear from fans regularly about all the fantastically weird and wonderful extras they like to top their slice of Malt Loaf with. So, we felt it only fair to share these wonderful blends with everyone – encouraging people to experiment and share their faves, so that we can determine the nation’s most loved Malt Loaf topping!

“Our Malt Loaf and butter duo has always been a popular combination but given that our core loaves are exceptionally tasty whilst also holding excellent nutritional values – 158 calories for two slices and low in fat (less than 3%) – there is certainly plenty of room for that extra topping layer of goodness.” 

Amongst the variety of delicious Malt Loaf toppings, the #TryMeTopped Campaign showcases;

Malt Loaf with butter – classic choice

Malt Loaf with a yoghurt layer topped with honey – sweet!

Malt Loaf with smoked salmon – makes for a nourishing brunch

Malt Loaf with cheese and tomatoes – a pizza style twist, and;

Banana Loaf topped with bananas – banana bread vibes

Soreen are encouraging families, children, students, adults, those new to Soreen or who have followed the brand for years to participate in their ‘You’ve got to try me Topped’ campaign.

A recent study in fact found that nearly 80 per cent of parents said they were finding it harder to promote healthy eating habits with their children, despite nearly 90 per cent saying it was a priority for them. Soreen’s heightened nutritional’s, alongside fruit or vegetable toppings make for a far more nutritional and affordable snack than other breakfast and snaking options.

Liz added: “We are ‘Champions of feel-good nutrition’ hence nutrition is a huge priority to us as a brand. We are also fun and love a little innovation.

“Many would say we are synonymous with health, nutrition and a sweet like taste, however through this campaign we’ve been able to explore some far more savoury options, making for a perfect brunch or evening snack.”