July 14, 2024

Did you know that storing your records offsite can lead to a wide range of benefits, ranging from savings and efficiencies to better security and more robust information governance?

It may even help you avoid data protection fines and save space in your workplace to use for something else.

Below, Marios Frangoullides, Head of Sales, Restore Records Management, highlights the 7 advantages of moving your physical records to one of their facilities.


Increase cost effectiveness by saving space

Offsite document storage frees up space in your own workspace. This can then be used for business-critical activities or monetarised in other ways – for instance by renting out the space, releasing for another department or reducing office size (and at the same time cutting business rates and rent).

For a growing business, saving space could allow it to remain in a smaller office for longer without the need to relocate.

For businesses with a rapidly growing records library, storing offsite means you only pay for the exact number of boxes you require and negates the need to pay for extra space.


Improve the productivity of your employees

Offsite records are easier to manage and are looked after by experts, who go the extra mile to find innovative solutions for your data storage. We will help you build an inventory, using state-of-the-art software, which makes it easy to identify where your boxes are, what they contain and how long they should be stored for. You can manage your inventory 24/7.

Same-day or next-day delivery and collection of your assets is available seven days a week.

This all frees up time for employees who might otherwise spend fruitless hours searching through a poorly organised onsite archive.


Save on your outgoings

By making storage more cost-effective than you might think, going offsite can help a business save on its outgoings.

There are many aspects to consider, from no longer paying for storage space in your own building to reducing the time required to retrieve documents by knowing exactly where your information is.

Moving documents offsite also frees up your staff to work on other things, safe in the knowledge that records are safe and accessible.


Be more compliant

Knowing what information you have, where it is and when it should be destroyed is at the heart of any good records management system – and storing your records offsite ensures all these boxes are ticked.

This is especially important when it comes to complying with GDPR requirements around personal data. If personal data is not easy to access, or if it is kept too long, it could even lead to fines from the regulator.

At Restore we describe ourselves as Ridiculously Regulatory. 

That may sound crazy, but we’ve gone out of our way to gain a staggering list of accredited certifications, covering quality management, environmental management, business continuity, and information security to name just a few. It all ensures your records, and our storage facilities, are absolutely secure, safe and compliant.


Increase security

Storing records onsite often means they are kept in a room not designed for the purpose, leading to the threat that records could deteriorate or be damaged by fire or flooding.  They could also be at greater risk of theft.

Our storage facilities are expertly designed to manage records in a secure environment. 

At Restore, your records are kept in fire-controlled facilities and travel in GPS-tracked vehicles whenever they are moved.

They can also be kept in temperature and humidity-controlled conditions when necessary and always benefit from vetted staff, secure IT systems, access control, fire detection and suppressants.


Protect your reputation

Reputation is everything in modern business, especially if you are looking after the personal data of customers or employees.

Losing documents through damage, error or crime can lead to data protection fines but loss of reputation can be even more damaging in the long term.

Having an offsite archive means physical records are safe, secure and can be quickly retrieved, mitigating reputation damage.


Take the first step to going digital

Many businesses dream about ‘going digital’ but are worried by costs or are not ready to do so. A hybrid model of records management which sees physical and digital storage go hand in hand can get you on the ladder.

By storing offsite, you can have access to an inventory portal which provides better visibility than a manual spreadsheet. It is also possible to scan records on demand.

Most important, of course, is that records are indexed, have a retention policy in place and are secure.

With secure facilities in 56 locations across the whole of the UK, you’re never more than two hours from your Restore storage facility.

Same-day or next-day delivery and collection of your assets, seven days a week. Restore Record Management’s experts are relentlessly resourceful in finding a storage solution which suits your business perfectly. Find out more about document storage here