My Creative Life: Beau, artist

Creative Business News regularly gives a prominent member of the region’s creative sector the chance to reflect on their career, their work and their ambitions by answering 10 questions about themselves. 

Name: Beau 

Job title: Artist

Current company: None 

Age: 35 

My big break: I have had many ups and downs through the years. Big break? Well, I believe that when we start something truly great it will encourage a momentum that can take you to places you could never have thought or have predicted, most importantly remembering the times before your fortunes changed for the better while keeping your feet firmly on the ground to guide people who are still looking for theirs.

My first job: A musician in a garage band when I was 13.

My current role: Artist.

My typical day: Thinking, trying.

My proudest moment/project: Outdoors. It is only the beginning of this project as far as public attention goes. However, I am definite that this will be a moment in my life that I can feel 100% confident about – that must be pride. 

My best piece of advice: Try to be thankful even when youre not.

My ambition (that I havent yet achieved): To understand the things that I dont.

My favourite creative work/campaign (that I havent worked on): The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. I used to balance my marbles on this book when I was a child, then as I got old enough to read it, my mind started to race at the idea of words taking me to a different place, an adventure in the palms of my hands! It really showed me how little we need to create and how large we can create it without limits or boundaries.

My predictions for the creative sector: With continued dramatic advances in technology and the way we interact, I believe people will start to search for a more organic approach to creativity, giving freedom and flexibility to workspaces to enable creatives to have more control…to not feel like youre at work! The true discovery through simple ideas would allow our imaginations to remember that we dont have to be so serious all the time.

My inspiration: My wife.

Early in 2017, 10 exterior doors were hung in urban locations across Bristol. They were left to organically gather their own identities from the life happening around them. Nine months later and the doors lie awaiting the first of many residencies of a very different nature – in galleries across the country. They have been framed and are on display from tomorrow, December 15, until January 20 at 44AD in Bath. They will then be exhibited around the country before being auctioned off, with 100% of profits being donated to charities supporting people in critical need in the South West.



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