Bottle Yard’s green screen comes in handy for Andy’s Safari Adventures as series returns to film in Bristol

Filming for 20 new episodes of acclaimed kids’ TV series Andy’s Safari Adventures is underway in Bristol as its producers once again harness the Bottle Yard Studios’ industry-leading digital CGI and green screen technology.

Made by the BBC’s world-renowned Natural History Unit Natural History Unit – also based in Bristol – Andy’s Safari Adventures is a co-commission from CBeebies in the UK and BBC Worldwide for the international CBeebies channels.

Last year 20 episodes were filmed at The Bottle Yard Studios between March and May and the production team is now back to shoot a further 20 until June.

The series combines footage from the BBC’s archive with new content filmed using the Bottle Yard Studios’ giant purpose-built 80ft green screen, pictured below.

In the series, Andy works at Safari World, the biggest and best safari park on the planet and home to animals from all over the globe. When disaster strikes, it’s up to Andy to save the day. Jetting off in his safari mobile, pictured above, he embarks on epic adventures, travelling the globe in search of the animals that will help him put things right.

Series producer Mark Jones said: “The Bottle Yard’s green screen is an invaluable resource to have here in Bristol and incredibly useful for productions like ours which rely on compositing archive from the world famous Natural History Unit.

“By using this facility and the space it offers, we’re able to bring ambitious and complex content to life. We’re in production for our next 20 episodes and we’ll be simulating all sorts of scenes from climbing and driving, to flying and swimming. There’s no better filming playground in the world than a green screen studio.”

The Bottle Yard, a Bristol City Council initiative and the largest studio in the West of England, has eight stages and, as well as its giant green screen studio, also has an extensive back lot, workshop areas, production offices, costume and make-up rooms, dressing-rooms, storage, private roadways and parking.

On-site tenants at the former winery and bottling plant in Hengrove, South Bristol, offer a wide range of services including creative, digital, technical and audio/visual expertise, grips, transport, structural, fire and safety assistance.

Recent TV productions made at The Bottle Yard Studios rang from The Crystal Maze (Channel 4), Poldark (BBC One) and Eric, Ernie & Me (BBC Four) to Galavant (Disney/ABC Studios), Wolf Hall (BBC Two) and The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies (ITV).

It is also becoming a popular base for feature film production, among the latest is Hellboy 3.

All images © BBC

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