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BrandSoup: Ding-dong merrily!

Even though some supermarkets have been stocking mince pies since September, for most of us the festive season doesn’t officially start until the annual ‘John Lewis Xmas ad plagiarism scandal’. This year it’s all about whether John Lewis’ Moz the Monster is really Chris Riddell’s Mr Underbed doing a bit of promotional work on the side #battleofthemonsters. While it may

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BrandSoup: iTrump trumps Trump

In a classic David-versus-Goliath smackdown, a US-based musician-turned-programmer has won a protracted legal struggle against the mighty Trump Organization over rights to the ‘iTrump’ trade mark. Tom Scharfield is the founder, CEO and, indeed, sole employee of app developer Spoonjack. A keen brass player, he is the creator of the ‘iTrump’ trumpet simulator app, a follow-up to the hugely successful

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