July 14, 2024

Classical singer wows with national anthem rendition live from royal ascot

GB News viewers were wowed today by a rendition of the national anthem by classical singer Friederike Krum, during a live broadcast from Royal Ascot.

Krum, also a supporter of the Royal Irish Guards, told GB News Royal Correspondent Cameron Walker: “It’s the one time of the year, a big social occasion where everybody tries to get in and enjoy it.

“There’s something for everybody. That’s the Royal Enclosure, then you can be somewhere else and just to enjoy picnics and wander around.

“You don’t have to book you can just eat somewhere or you have your famous picnic in the car parks.”

Before singing the national anthem live on air, she said: “We have a Royal Family, not many countries have, and I think it’s what makes Britain so special.

“They have had a very difficult year and I think for them to show up here and be present for everybody and everybody else to show their love for them, which I think is a wonderful give and take.

“It’s just beautiful. I mean, we’re so proud to have them and they’re just wonderful.”

On the Princess of Wales, Krum said: “She’s the colonel of the Irish Guards and I think the regiment was very moved because she sent a letter on the day when she couldn’t attend the colonel’s review and that was very moving.

“She takes her role very seriously. But I think the most important role she does is being a mother and being at home for children with the little energy that she has at the moment.”