July 14, 2024

Blue Is Trending This Summer: How to Use the Colour in Your Home

Blue is becoming a home interior staple this summer, being favoured in many homes that enjoy keeping up with current trends.

It has the ability to create a soothing, harmonious space, perfect for relaxing and feeling a sense of serenity.

There are so many different ways to style the colour blue, too, meaning you can create a vibrant space or a softer space, depending on the tones chosen and how they’re implemented.

There are certain hacks to consider, such as whether a room is more north or south facing. If it doesn’t receive a generous amount of daylight, opting for a warmer blue, like turquoise, can ensure the room remains welcoming and radiant.

If the room does benefit from lots of daylight, you can afford to choose cooler tones that complement a range of colour palettes.

You also need to decide on whether you want to craft a space that feels intimate and cosy, which is where darker blues would be favoured, or if you want to enjoy an airy feel to emphasise space, which would be better suited to paler and brighter blues.

Here to shed light on how to effectively incorporate blue into your home decor, Kate Conrad, senior interior designer at luxury homeware retailer Madison & Mayfair, shares her top tips for how best to use the colour blue.


The power of a feature wall

“Instantly create a blue theme with a feature wall,” says Kate. “With just a lick of paint, you can transform a space, and there are various ways in which you can achieve your desired blue effect.

“Whether you opt for a striking, vibrant blue and enjoy softer, more muted accessories, or you choose a subtle, gentle blue to allow more eye-catching accessories to stand out in the room, a feature wall is the ideal solution.

“For a more sophisticated and luxurious finish, a blue wallpaper with a soft pattern could tie the room together through the addition of design and texture.”


The easy use of home accessories 

“Blue accessories scattered around your home provide the perfect hint of colour to enforce a blue theme,” says Kate.

“Without making large changes to your decor, you can add different accessories that can alter the colour palette of your interior.

“By mixing and matching your cushions, you can combine various blue shades for a vibrant look, and the use of throws can brighten up different seats in your home.

“I would recommend blue ornaments to elevate your shelves and units, such as aqua vases or electric blue photo frames for a more subtle hint of blue running throughout your decor.”


Update and repaint your furniture

“Lend your hand to some DIY if you fancy refreshing your home’s style,” adds Kate. “Upcycling furniture to give it a new lease of life is the perfect way to update your interior design.

“Finding a second-hand console table and painting it in a washed-out blue to give it the appearance of being rustic and vintage can have an extremely noticeable effect in your home.

“Alternatively, refreshing your current furniture is another method, so why not paint the legs of your tables and chairs in a vibrant blue to add character to your living room and dining room.”


A blue accent piece of furniture 

“Sometimes, you just need one key piece of furniture to make a difference in your home,” shares Kate. “I think a truly sophisticated space will have an accent armchair to set the tone of the room.

“When trying to add blue tones throughout your home, an electric blue or vibrant turquoise chair could liven up your decor, whilst also creating a cosy and welcoming reading corner in the room.

“You could be even bolder and opt for a bright blue sofa, acting as the focal point of the room to base other elements of your decor on, emphasising the blue colour theme effortlessly.”


Mix blues for contrasting colours 

“When deciding on the types of blues you want to incorporate, don’t feel limited to only one shade,” adds Kate. “Embracing a myriad of tones will allow you to be more explorative with your decor, rather than restricting yourself to just one.

“This can often result in a more contemporary feel, with a more expressive interior style that embraces a range of designs.”

Madison & Mayfair provides a range of homeware items, combining the elegance of New York style with London luxury to transform your home into a space boasting sophistication and individuality. Kate Conrad has built up years of experience within the industry to contribute to her expertise and knowledge about interior design.