July 14, 2024

Chester barber who is proving a cut above

Written By Corey Mackie

A Chester barber is proving a cut-above by launching a new campaign to help those struggling with mental ill health.

Scott Middlehurst, who works at Number 47 Barbers’ in Hoole, is staying open late to offer trims after the shop shuts to support those who might be suffering in silence.

Any money he makes from the appointments will then be donated to charities working in this field.

Scott, 24, came up with the idea after noticing many men were struggling with their mental health and wellbeing – but that speaking during a haircut can often help.

Scott says: “Having struggled a bit myself in the past I wanted to do something to help. I’ve also come to realise that a haircut is a chance for many of my clients to just talk, chat and get anything that’s stressing them out and off their chest.

“So the scheme is about trying to give others that opportunity and a safe space to feel like they can talk about anything and everything with someone who will just listen.

“We do it after hours on a Tuesday when the shop is shut so people can just relax and have a level of anonymity which allows them to speak openly.”

Scott said he hopes the scheme will ultimately reduce the stigma around men’s mental health.

He recognises that talking to clients has helped him massively, and hopes to offer the same to others.

Any money made from these appointments will be going to mental health charities, including ANDYSMANCLUB – a suicide prevention charity offering free support groups across the UK and online.

Scott also hopes to donate to MANUP?, a charity raising awareness for men’s mental health, and offering free therapy sessions for individuals in need.

Going forward, Scott said he would like to expand the campaign and start a social group in the Cheshire area, for men to meet new people, and recognise that they are not as alone as they may think.

Scott’s campaign comes at a vital time.

According to a recent report by experts the Priory Group 77% of men polled have suffered with symptoms of common mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress or depression

It found 40% of men have never spoken to anyone about their mental health.

Twenty nine per cent of those say they are “too embarrassed” to speak about it, while 20% say there is a “negative stigma” on the issue

The biggest cause of mental health issues in men’s lives are work (32%), their finances (31%) and their health (23%).

Forty per cent of men polled said it would take thoughts of suicide or self-harm to compel them to get professional help.


Spaces for are limited, but to find out more contact Number 47 Barbers Hoole and ask for Scott on 01244 950448